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The Shredder Ate My Culture Report: Five Questions the Barclays Board Should Have Asked

By Donna Boehme, at Corporate Compliance Insights, on 2/13/2013
It’s been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad few weeks for Barclays.   Despite tough talk last month by new CEO Antony Jenkins about “Five New Values” (inviting any of its 140,000 employees who don’t want to sign up to head for the exits), the bad news just keeps on coming for the embattled firm.  And the latest round involves a shredder.…


Antitrust Compliance: A Fresh Look

By Michael Volkov, at JDSupra, on 9/14/2012
The author discusses a number of risk areas in the normal operations of a corporation, including mergers and acquisitions, pricing policies, and distribution policies.  Further, he suggests how to easily integrate a compliance program by simply following this rule: if you are unsure, speak with your compliance officer.



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