Antitrust Compliance & Enforcement:  Prevention as the Goal

The following are PowerPoints covering some of the policy points relating to government support for and promotion of anti-cartel compliance programs.  You are welcome to use some or all of these as you wish.  Our goal is to help inform the discussion on this important topic.  Any questions or suggestions for changes and additions should be directed to Joe Murphy,
To download the original .PPTX file, click here.


The Case for Competition Compliance Programs – University of East Anglia Presentation

In December 2010, Joe and Donna gave a presentation to the University of East Anglia Center for Competition Policy.  In this presentation, they present their ideas on a model compliance program, outlining the necessary elements and addressing common misconceptions.  Further, they compare and contrast the antitrust policies of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.  Throughout the presentation, they offer insights from their own personal experiences.



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